Can you lose weight doing pole dancing? – Pole Dancing Songs Rock

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A pole dancer is a very thin person, and if you can lose that weight you can dance around with that weight on top of the body part that you just ate. That’s very important because, when we lift weights, we are pushing ourselves. When we lift weight, we are pushing the blood supply to our muscles. We want the blood supply to those muscles to be available. But when you have this extra weight on top of your body, that means we have less blood supply to our muscles and as a result, more blood pressure. Now, that means that your heart rate will probably be lower in that area. Your blood pressure also may be a little bit slower at the same time.

Is that dangerous for you as well?

That would be dangerous for me because I am a very slim but also very strong person. So in that case, I would probably not want to take any drugs and definitely not any exercise at the same time.

What are you currently eating when you dance?

I do not eat a lot of things and I eat a small amount of food at a time. If I’m doing pole dance at 8 or 9 in the morning and I know I am almost 8 hours out of bed, I know that I would want to eat a little snack or something just to get ready.

What is your favorite type of weight training?

That is difficult one to answer because it is so personal. People would be like, “Oh, like squats or lunges?” or “You could do rows or do whatever you want, but it depends on the individual.” But my personal favorite would be the burpees and those are a staple to my routine. But I would recommend all forms of weight lifting. There are a thousand different ways to lift weights.

And where do you start?

The first time I ever tried to move and move at all was when I was about 12 years old in a gyms in the neighborhood. My mom came up there and there was this person that lived there and she just said, “You need to do this weightlifting routine. It will teach you how to work your whole body.”

There was a little group of weight lifters that had already done some of that regimen for years and they started putting the whole program together into a video and they had a trainer there that showed us. There were two different shows, one that was more weight lifting, the other one that was more strength and power development. And

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