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Is it worth it? What are the fitness benefits?
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In a world where people are constantly measuring their fitness levels with the ‘mythology’ of the diet, the exercise industry is a booming industry. It’s very often touted that you can lose weight – but is it really worth it? Is it actually going to improve your body? This is especially true regarding the popular, high-protein, fast meals which have been promoted to the masses as quick, quick fixes to lose weight.

These popular foods, which may even include protein bars, are, actually, highly calorie-dense and should never be consumed without proper preparation. They should never be eaten during a long, hard cycle of training, or while you’re at rest. And, as with the diet, they shouldn’t be confused with bodybuilding foods, which is where you should focus your efforts. Most experts recommend training three times/week to bring about the proper nutrient uptake, while others recommend eating these foods every day.

One can see that this is a very complex topic with a ton to consider when choosing the right food. So, I’ve broken it down by three key areas: weight loss, training, and body composition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for a personal trainer, and the recommendations in this article need to taken into account the individuals specific level of training.

I would recommend that in order to lose weight and get stronger, you start with a weight loss of about 30 lbs (14 kg), and then gradually move up to an 80-pound goal after a minimum of two years of training.

For example, if you have a body fat percentage of 19%, and you want to lose 10 pounds per month, and you started with 20 lbs/week, you are going to need to slowly be working down to 50 – 60 lbs/week to build your size. There are other factors that you can take into account as well so if that’s not possible, or if the above is too much information, I recommend having some basic information to discuss beforehand with your trainer. This includes: where your training is located (workouts for most gyms usually have a very low percentage of upper and lower body weight training with only lower body only), how many days you can workout per week, and if you are doing a “max” or “moderate” set (which is all upper body training and low body only for the majority of your training).

As a general rule of thumb, if you think

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