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No, in my opinion. I’m really not in love with it anymore and never was. Pole dancing is nothing special. It’s nothing special, really. We don’t have a lot of money, and some of us are only here on our holiday, but I still like to dance.

Which performers are you the biggest fans?

I love all types of dancers, but when it comes to the pole dancing, I really like to watch some of the good old guys. I really love the Italian and Cuban stars because that’s their dance style. Also, I like many old Japanese dancers because they always seem to do their own thing, especially in their routines, and it’s a good source of entertainment. So, I’m a fan of all types of Japanese dancers.

You’ve worked with some notable Latin American performers, such as Ana Carrigan and Maria Orosa. How was working with that generation compared to working with your Korean peers?

My experience working with Korean dancers is quite different than working with the Latin American dance artists. They are, of course, older, and more experienced, but I am still young and I think it’s the same. And I really like the music they make. I also feel that the Korean choreography is more flexible. You can go wherever you want. Like, when my Korean students were traveling together, I was dancing in Brazil and Korea and in different countries. We would go to one city and then go to another. As for my Latin American dancers, I had some good experiences but some of them were just not that great. For example, they often didn’t know how to handle moves. The ones I’ve worked with are actually pretty good.

In regards to your dance style, you have to go back a bit in your career timeline to have your first dance with Brazilian dancers. Is this your first ever dance or is it still a thing?

It is. I first met Maria Orosa at an exhibition in Moscow. She was the first ever person that I worked with in Russia. She trained in Miami in 2009. When I had an opportunity to perform with her, I absolutely loved working with her. We went back to Brazil for all her training and I remember that we still danced together when she moved to the U.S. After her move to L.A., I was still training. Since Maria and I came back to the U.S., I have met some other Brazilian dancers. They are awesome. The

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