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Sure! We’ve learned some good pole dance techniques from our own experiences, so we can teach you how to improve on our skills as we go.

What types of moves can be done on pole?

If you’re new to pole, you’ll probably be surprised with how simple and flexible the art of pole dancing can be. You’ll be able to learn on top of a pole or pole platform, as long as you can make full use of your upper body (and if you’re at the end, you’ll probably already be able to do a lot of stuff with an upper body). Some beginners don’t have a lot of upper body strength (they’re shorter or lighter), so they can make an easy, non-shallow move on a pole that many others can’t master, even with some practice.

It’s also easy for people to learn how to ride an empty pole if they’ve never been on one. We’ll teach you basic skills that take you from standing, to sitting, and back again.

When you start pole dancing you’ll have to learn a good amount of rhythm to learn a technique on the pole, that will help to keep your balance while you do some of the basic things like walking, turning, or swinging your arms up and down. It’s good to learn what feels comfortable: when to let go of your legs and back, when to let go of your arms, and when to do both simultaneously!

For advanced pole dancers with a stronger upper body, your movements will probably feel more natural and more efficient than those of an intermediate or younger pole dancer.

Some pole dance moves will require coordination. The trick is to learn as many of your moves as possible without losing the coordination of your legs, arms, and shoulders. (We think it makes it easier to learn, but be sure to check with your instructor first to confirm.)

Why should I do a pole dance class?

Want to get started right away? If you love music and dance, you’ll be excited for a chance to learn something new.

We’ve been teaching pole dancers for 14 years and have a great track record, so you can count on us! Our instructors teach all levels; you’ll never dance around on a pole that isn’t a good fit for you!

Are there lessons for beginners?

No, although we have a few. For beginners, we teach basic movement techniques such as holding onto poles, balancing when sitting, balancing

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