Can I learn pole dancing at home? – Miss Pole Dance

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Are there classes you can make available at your studio?

If I need an hour and a half I want to spend on something other than pole dancing – how much will it cost me?

Who will be there at my studio to help me learn pole dancing?

How do I join the national pole dancing and ballet competition?

What happens during the competition?

How much practice time will I need during the competition period?

How do I learn to use a pole or a pole and how do I go about learning?

Are there any other opportunities in Victoria for learning and practicing pole?

What is pole?

Are you a woman or a man?

Do you teach women or men? Men and women?

What is your qualifications?

How do you feel about training? If you do teach or train to perform I want to hear about it.

How do you feel about dance and juggling?

Are there classes available that are geared towards people needing help?

Can I change the style or style of pole I am learning?

How do you teach pole?

How big is the pole for me to wear/have around?

What is the best way to practice?

How long does it take to take a pole dance?

Where can I go if I want to learn?

Can I have an instructor? How much can I make?

How do I get around? Is the gym available?

How long should I stay at your studio?

Can I make money from my pole training?

Can I rent my equipment or do I need a loan?

What is pole juggling?

Will there be any other pole sports or events in the future?

I want to see my instructor’s name on the competition website – have you been in touch with the competition in the past?

My partner and I have been looking for more training options. I am interested in ballet or dancing. What do you know about any ballet training programs?

Please share that you are available for consultations with anyone wanting to receive training, to learn pole dance, or if you know of a professional pole dance or ballet instructor located within Victoria with any questions or concerns.

I think pole dancing is great – What is your opinion?

How do I start learning and practicing? Is it fun?

Where do I go to find pole dance

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