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Well, she is played by Amy Adams, and the idea behind it is that the Matrix is a dream that is a representation of who he is. To go and see this is to understand that his life is a dream, and the reason it was made into the movie is to show that his dream is in fact a real dream.

I’ve done a lot of work with the dream state in the dream logic approach that I’ve been writing about, and it’s actually rather simple. In the first chapter, “Why Don’t We Just Get On with It?”, you go into the dreamstate, show the dream logic approach, and then you go back through this and go, “Where would we have gone if this was just a dream?” The answer has to go back to the world’s place of origin. If it hadn’t ended up in a dream and there was a place of origin, what would we have done in the meantime? We might not have thought a lot when we started this project about who this person was. What would we do if we didn’t have the movie? The movie was made for a specific purpose: to give the audience and the creators of the movie a way to visualize in the way in the dream state the place of origin of the man we now know as The Matrix. It didn’t have to be the story of The Matrix, and it was made to serve a specific purpose because the movie was made to be done in the dream state. “Why don’t you think of another way to make the movie, or try another approach to this place of origin of a man with this dream?” What I mean by that is you don’t use one single idea that you’ve used so far. You think, “Oh, I’ve just shown the world is a dream. Let’s put ourselves in the story and try to imagine how the story would have played out under different circumstances, and let’s see if we can come up with a way in which we can figure out what the story is if it’s not a dream.” That’s the way you deal with the questions for a director about the movie. “It’s like where would we have gone in your movie if I had not made it?”
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I think we do a good job of that in the first two years of making the movie. The movie begins to take flight in a different way in the two years after we do this movie. A couple of scenes in the film start to come to life, and you start thinking, “I

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