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I don’t know, it was him, maybe a little after the birth of Christ,” she says, “but in his early life he was a practicing magician and a sorcerer, and he has a great magical talent. He had done magic in his life before, and a lot of great people in many times and places. He has been at various times tried in court, tried in military court, tried at court of public opinion. But they all came to an end at that point because they were ruled out of court for fraud of some sort. In the process of trial, he found he was not good enough to be a magician. The court ruled in his favor and he went free.”

What is magic? “Magic is a kind of deception, a kind of deception, a trick,” she says. “What magic is is there is a force in the universe, a force in your mind that wants to be tricked, that wants to be fooled. And with a trick there is, with magic, there can be the deception of the mind. It’s a combination. But there is one force in the universe: That is a conscious force that wants to control the world.”

Her mother had died, and her father, a magician, was in prison, serving two years.

“I remember I would go up to him,” she says about her father. “He was sitting in the basement of the jail. I would say, ‘Daddy, are you well? Daddy, were you in court?’ He was always there, he never left that basement where he was in confinement.”

Her mother had had a terrible death at the hands of the Germans in World War II as she gave birth to her youngest son, born at home in a Nazi concentration camp during the war. She was also a woman who, her mother says, had “taken on the devil.” This is an obvious reference to the famous Mary Poppins.

“My mom said that,” says Carrey, “she said, ‘This boy is a witch. I wish he hadn’t been born.’ She’d been a little girl, and a witch. She said, ‘He is a witch. I’ve been taking on the devil.’ The little boy became someone else. He turned into a human being, and then somebody turned into another person—a son.”

That was a moment in life for Carrey, but to me, the most important part of playing Carrey is knowing what is really lurking in the

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