Which country is famous for black magic? – How To Do Easy Magic Tricks For Kids Videos

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I’m guessing Japan and Korea… They’re so popular they are banned in some countries! The Chinese have been known to turn their slaves into beasts…

So what is it about black magic that attracts the people from these cultures? Some say that because it is illegal, it makes its practitioners more popular — an obvious answer, to an obvious question. For many people, they just don’t like the idea of having to put someone else’s needs above their own. In this regard, my favorite black magic is the kind that involves conjuring spirits and turning people into animals.

Here are a few examples of black magic that might surprise you. You know how I said you could never have enough magic? Well, there are plenty more. These include:

1. Black magic used to be forbidden in all countries. Now, a few countries have even banned black magic altogether — such as, you guessed it, Japan. Japan was among a number of nations that tried to ban the practice in 1966, but didn’t succeed.

2. Black magic is very, very common in India, the world’s second largest country. This is part of the reason why India is the world’s second-largest country. Also, because of the sheer amount of magic, India is the world’s leading exporter of black magic (there are more than 80,000 black magic practitioners in India, but only about a tenth of these get anywhere near the magic that people from other parts of the world are used to).

3. There is still lots of black magic practice in the Philippines. This is because the Philippines is the world’s seventh-largest country by population. Also, because of the incredible number of people who practice black magic, the Filipino people are always very open to learning about and practicing it. I can’t wait to see what magic this nation will unleash when the new year rolls around!

4. The practice of black magic among the Japanese is something very peculiar. It’s not easy to tell the difference between black magic and magic performed by non-Japanese, at least from what I’ve seen.

5. In Thailand, black magic is often considered a “bad form of magic”. That might be in part because Thailand is very low-key about the practice and does not enforce laws about it.

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