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I’m not at all sure what the answer is to that question. No one was ever quite sure exactly what magic was, since there haven’t been any records of it since. I suppose it could be something as simple as being able to perform a series of very clever manipulations, or something as complicated as being able to control multiple phenomena at once. As I mentioned, at some point in the past, a group of people who worked in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and Protection discovered that, due to the nature of their work, they had a relatively high possibility of meeting one kind of magic and another kind entirely. They decided to make a list of each type of magic they could see or hear and label them according to the most effective way in which they worked. By doing so, they eventually ended up naming their field of specialization and the magical phenomenon they covered a few years ago. The field that most people refer to as magic is divided into eight major categories, each with its own unique magic: (1) Transfiguration; it is a branch of magic that allows a caster to transfigure objects, things or people into different states of matter. I think when that happens they use some kind of liquid or gas so a gas can escape to cover up the change, but it could be something different altogether. (2) Necromancy and Transfiguration; it is a branch of magic that is devoted to the study of life and the universe. I think they use the term to mean all life forms that are not animals and plants. Also, their magic usually involved some kind of energy source that they would not reveal. (3) Alchemy; it is a branch of magic that deals with the creation and creation of new living things and magical compounds. Sometimes I get the impression that the magic of Alchemy is focused on creating new kinds of plants that will work really well. This is not entirely untrue since I’ve seen a lot of stuff. (4) Occultism; it is a branch of magic which deals with the study of the unseen. I’m not really sure which is more correct: the invisible world or the invisible energy that surrounds us. Anyway, my assumption about the nature of this magical ability is that it probably involves some sort of unseen energy that is invisible. (5) Transfiguration; it is a branch of magic that uses magic to manipulate matter. I’m not quite sure if it’s a sub-division of Transfiguration or something entirely like that. (6) Divination; it is a
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