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Magic organizations are those which have existed and survived for at least 3,000 years. They are the basis of almost all other organizations; from ancient Sumer, to China, to America.

They are the keystones of the universe; they represent the universal power within the universe. The oldest of them are those which have survived all the natural and social forces of the universe. Those are the oldest organizations. Many other organizations would qualify as ancient, but they are not ancient by any meaningful definition. Their purpose has not changed or increased.

Why do you call such organizations “Ancient”?

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The world itself exists in an eternal state of creation; it is eternal because it always has and always will exist. This is known as the “Law of One”, and is the true reality of existence. The “Law of One”, as defined by Bahá’u’lláh, is, “that all things are one”. This is the essence of existence: One exists in all things, as One and in all things as One. It is the same law that states that God, as the ultimate God of creation, is “One” (in Himself) and “One in all”. God is eternal, is eternal and all-pervasive. All the systems that exist in the cosmos are merely the manifestations of His reality.

The world itself is also eternal but the reality of human existence is infinite. We know and understand God, but can know no true reality whatsoever. Even the most profound and subtle religious rituals of humanity, as represented by Abrahamic religions, are still nothing but a simple and insignificant manifestation of a simple and insignificant god. If the world is eternal, is it not infinitely more complex than this?

Why is the world eternal?

There are various reasons, ranging from the laws of physics to the Laws of God, and the Laws of God to the laws of nature, that determine the age of the world and the age and complexity of mankind; but if you consider the Laws of God alone, you will find no explanation. If you consider the laws of nature alone, you will find no explanation, because nature is beyond the reach of rational thought. The idea of an unchanging, unchanging cosmos is not only absurd, but it is also physically impossible and is therefore, impossible (in the scientific sense).

If you examine the Laws of God, you will find that every individual in the universe is, and was, created by the Laws of God. Every individual has their

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