What is the oldest magic organization? – Easy Magic Tricks For Kids To Learn At Home

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And by the way, in our last episode we said, ‘Who is the oldest magic organization? Who is the most powerful wizard in the whole world of magic.’ And then we went off the deep end. We said, ‘Okay, who is the most powerful wizard in the world?’ What do you think they’re going to answer? Who is who’s the oldest, most powerful wizard?’ And you know what? It’s called Dumbledore. And he’s definitely the oldest.

In this next question, a Harry Potter fan asks, ‘What is the most evil wizard in the world?’ Harry Potter fan Harry Ransom asks, “”If someone is a powerful wizard and is evil, he can take advantage of his power.” But if there is a powerful wizard, would that person be evil? Or are they both?

In this next one, Ron asks about Dumbledore’s favorite color. Ron Ransom asks, “If any wizard would like to know how that color came to be, I have the answer.” “He’s probably the most famous professor in the entire school of magic since it’s one of the things the people who know him refer to him as. He’s a man who has a really long history in the wizarding world, and he’s very famous for using his skills to put on different sort of hats and make a really elaborate costume. And I think the reason that he’s still famous is that he can really put on a black hat and people think there’s not a hell of a lot to a black hat. So there’s a lot to the guy. So we get to learn a lot about Ron this week. I wanted to show us some of the things that he’s done, too. I was excited to show him a bit of his other costumes that we’ve met. So that would probably be his worst costume ever.” He’s got some interesting things to say about Dumbledore himself. They also discuss Snape and how he came to be. “How Snape came to be is a really great storyline that he would have never come from,” Rowling says, “and then he took his father’s place.” They also talk about Ron’s hair and how the filmmakers cut his hair back to a more natural shape.

In the next question, a Harry Potter fan asks about Professor Flitwick’s favorite color!

In this next question, Harry Potter fan asks about the time traveling magic.

In this next question, Harry Potter fan asks about Dumbledore’s favorite books.

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