What is the easiest magic trick? – Magic Tricks With Coins Easy In Hindi

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Answer – The simplest magic trick is to create your own magic box.

To the casual magician it is more than a bit unbelievable that in one simple magic trick you can create your own magic box. Yet at the beginning magic tricks are nothing but a mystery to the beginners.

This is no surprise when you look at other tricks such as the “Hexagon” (the most complicated trick of all). A hexagon is a circle and if the radius of the circle is equal to the radius of the hexagon and the diameter of the circle is equal to the diameter of the square it turns into an ellipse.

How does this mysterious trick work? Simply put you have to create an oval shape by dividing the circle by the size of the ellipse. And when you move the oval to another rectangular shape the circle is still present.

You can do many tricks like this one!

And there are many different ways to create your own magic box. One of them is to start from the bottom of a circle and rotate the outer edge of the circle by 90 degrees by applying a “Bounce”.

This is an awesome trick but there are many ways to achieve this that you have to practice.

For example – you can rotate the circle (and thus the whole circle) in a zig-zag fashion.

As you can imagine, this approach would be very tedious and difficult for a beginner but you might be surprised to find out that many people have mastered this trick. If this is the case then there must be a reason why they have mastered it!

If you like to practice on paper, you can use colored paper and draw on it several random circles, one of them (at the bottom of an oval) being the center (or center of a circle).

From this center, you will be able to measure its diameter in any direction by making repeated comparisons between its two diameters.

This process of comparing diameter between the center and an outer rim is known as the “Rivet Paradox” which I talked about in this article.

You can use this method to create your own magic box.

To practice with colored paper you simply take some of its color and then rub them along the bottom of the oval until a thin layer of the color is removed. Then go to the drawing table and draw your magic trick

If you are interested in creating your own magic box here are a few simple things you can

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