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You should know. It’s “Logan”… that’s it. It’s his first name, his actual name which he didn’t know at the time. Well he should know… as he was the first person to ever meet him.

Logan: We’re all strangers in some weird place together.

Teller: There isn’t a friendlier place in history to meet a stranger than the future…. it’s so weird out here.

Sara: Teller, did you say you saw a girl before? Where?

Teller: A few weeks ago.

Sara: A girl?

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Teller: We’re still friends, that much seems to be certain. She’s a pretty girl, not much older than me.

Gunnar: That’s right, Teller. We all have to learn how to live together, you and I included. It’s how we evolve. Maybe in one form or another we’ll have a kid. And we could never be alone again.

Gunnar: Then if you’re right about the girl, you’re right about Teller.

Logan: This is my first visit. It’s about three weeks ago.

Teller: Well, what would you have me do exactly?

Logan: It’s been a year now, right now. It took me seven years to get here from New York. I don’t know what this girl went through, and she doesn’t even know it. I’m sorry. My time’s up, this is my opportunity.

Teller: I suppose we could talk, maybe…?

Logan: Maybe? I don’t know, Teller.

Teller: But Teller! You said you wouldn’t use your power against me! I didn’t say that!

Logan: I thought we did.

Teller: And I didn’t say anything!

Logan: I do what I need to, Teller. I’m a man of my own mind, so I think my feelings are my own. What I have to say, now… is: I know that it’s probably not the best thing for you to be thinking about this right now. But if something happens to you–a real horrible, horrible thing–then I want you to know that I’m with you. I won’t let you go, and I won’t leave the city of your birth. I will stand

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