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JK’s parents wanted Teller to be an adult but he didn’t want to do that and as a result was a teenager. He wasn’t living at home anymore when I met him. So he had to move on.

What is Teller’s favorite movie?

I don’t have one. I have a lot of favorites, but one, I would say, is “Pulp Fiction,” because it is a very dark film, and there are really good characters in it. I’m not a big fan of sci-fi films, but “Pulp Fiction” is one.

What would Teller like to be when he grows up?

Teller’s favorite thing at the moment is to get out and wander on the weekends around our town, or to go to bed around 1 a.m. and sleep for about four hours, and then wake up early in the morning and walk on. But he’s a very social person, so at the moment he’s looking into acting too.

Tell Teller what kind of a job would he like to have?

I think he’d like to be a detective with the Seattle Police Department. He also thinks he should try his hand as a journalist. He’s an excellent writer.

What was the first movie you ever saw?

I can’t remember. I remember seeing it when I was about 3 years old. I was at the store with my dad to buy something. And my mom said, “Let’s go see ‘The Little Mermaid.’ ” So the dad brought me home and we watched the movie that afternoon.

What is Teller’s favorite movie that he’s still in love with? Do you still have the DVD?

I don’t have it anymore. At least, no longer on blu-ray and no longer on VHS.

What movie do you think Teller will be watching this summer?

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I don’t know what I’m going to watch. It’s pretty much everything, but he likes “The Big Lebowski.” We’d probably both like to see the “Gone Girl.”

Who is Teller’s favorite superhero and villain?

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