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Psychic power is the ability to predict the future, to sense the past, to sense what to do in the future, and to know the thoughts of other people. Psychic powers are also found in telekinesis, clairvoyance, and clairaudience.

Petrina has been trained by psychic researchers at Stanford University, the Australian Research Institute for Psychic Studies (ARIPS), and the University of Sydney in the art of psychic abilities. She can use her psychic powers to control objects. While she is capable of telekinesis, she is also a very strong psychic and is a gifted artist. The artist in her works has been shown, in numerous videos, to be wearing a hat that emits electrical fields.

Petrina’s website states that her life goals are:

To help other people to see the truth and to make peace in the world.

To make people want to know about the reality of paranormal phenomena and to make the world believe it.

To learn about different forms of psychic ability such as clairvoyance, clairaudience (telekenesis), and clairaudication.

To make others want to come to the same place where she can see what is going on with them.

To tell other people about how she has been saved from a situation or been successful at an upcoming adventure.

To find the truth of many important matters about people who have been killed by demons or other supernatural forces.

It should be noted that none of these goals seem to be in line with the spiritual teachings she has been taught.
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On one occasion, according to Google Earth, Petrina was in France when she met the legendary Dr. Frank Nardizzi.

Dr. Nardizzi is a psychiatrist who has worked to understand the causes of demonic possession and the spiritual powers of psychics. He has been credited with teaching the techniques to help patients heal by harnessing the powers of their own soul.

Frank Nardizzi is an internationally recognized scholar and speaker who teaches a course entitled, “‘The Spiritual Healing Power of the Soul'”. This course is aimed at helping the student to harness the psychic powers of the soul and thus to become a highly talented psychic healer of the spirit.

Petrina is believed to have seen Dr. Nardizzi while being meditating in France in 2005. According to her friends, she was asked if she wanted to visit the famous occult thinker.

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