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That means: things that are beyond the human abilities or the limits of human experience.

We cannot possibly know what that means to us, but that has not stopped us believing in a number of different spiritual “super powers”. Psychic powers vary from culture to culture. Some people, it is possible to say, have powers of “magics”, and some people have powers of “psychic perception”.

But these are all the same power or power-type, regardless of how you choose to define them.

What are these powers? For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on the concept of psychic power, since I’d like to illustrate some of the ways that psychic phenomena, the power to see things and other senses, are associated with the powers of the spiritual world, which, in turn, involve the power to heal, to create or to travel between worlds or dimensions.

There are several ways that we can think back to our childhood, but one of the most common ones involves two separate worlds or dimensions: one that we inhabit and another that is outside of us that we see and that we inhabit.

Both of these worlds are inhabited by different types of beings, which can be divided into the following categories:

• The outer, physical world: such as earth, air, water, fire, etc.

• The inner, spiritual world: such as heaven, the spiritual realm or the afterlife.

What is the Inner World?

The spiritual world is what exists outside of us that is a necessary part of the human experience. Its functions are: to give meaning to our lives and to give us purpose.

In some ways, both the physical world and the spiritual world are parts of the same self-created being that exists in us; and each is in fact part of a partless whole – in terms of our experiences of these dimensions, and how they make us feel.

It is important to note, however, that we are far from the complete self. As noted earlier, we are not the product of our own thoughts, feelings, perceptions, emotions or the things that come back. Each inner and outer world is an “image” of the self.

How do we experience and describe this inner world, so that we can communicate?

One of the most important tools in spiritual communication is the concept of “vision”, which means the way we “see”. Vision enables us to gain an understanding of how we relate – or don

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