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“Nature magic is an art that can affect all living things through creation, transformation and protection. It is said that nature magic came from the sky and has now spread throughout the world. There are the elements of earth, air and fire and some elements of air. When two people combine them, you create a lifeform, and that lifeform is called a spirit, spirit is a being which has life and is capable of living things.”

Luminous light

“One of the greatest abilities of nature magic is a special ability that allows a body to survive in extremely dangerous environments. You can survive in a cave or a cavern but if you travel through space, you have to bring your body with you.”

“There is a spirit of the world called a spirit, spirit is a being which has life and is capable of living things.”

“There is a light of spirit, a being that exists and gives the world its light. A spirit is known as a spirit because of the fact that it has life and can breathe flames and can transform into fire, water and wind!”

Earth-type spirit, and spirit of air

“There are some spirits which are spirit of earth, spirit is a being which does not have physical form but can transform in form like the sun, moon and stars.”

“The most useful spirit is called spirit of air. This is the spirit of the deep that covers the land of the heavens.”

“At the deepest level spirit is the lowest form of existence. It is thought to be the most primitive.”

“These most ancient spirit of earth are the spirit of life. The greatest power and greatest spirit is called the spirit of light. Although light has the greatest power, spirit has the greatest power.”

The spirit of the earth

“There are the most ancient spirits in the world, the spirits of earth are what was seen in the sky before the world was created. However it is also said that the earth spirits can be identified by the color of their color.

“Spirit of earth is the spirit of life. In fact, the entire world is alive because spirit of life is its source. They are the ancestors who built themselves and the ancestors which are living things.”

“The oldest spirits are called spirit of earth, the spirit of blood, spirit of water. In fact, their color is called the color of blood and the color of water. They are also known as the spirits that made the world.”

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