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The magic is in the imagination and the way the story is told, in the way the characters are written, and in the way it feels like they are actually moving towards the things you want to see.

For me, there is a lot of that. I love the way you can start a book out and feel as if you are just at the start of something, like the world is opening up. So long as you have a strong world, you will be able to keep going.

Q1: Which of his books you most recently finished?

My latest to finish as of last Sunday was The Broken Empire #12. So far I had finished the first three, and I had a lot of other things going on, my wife had two kids, and things were taking up my life too!

It was a great read to finish!

Q2: What was your favorite fantasy book in the last 10 years you’ve read?

I really enjoyed the new Dark Tower series, The Wheel of Time, and Lord of The Rings trilogy.

Q3: Any recent favorite fantasy authors?

The idea of a new high-speed rail link from the Bay Area to San Francisco and Los Angeles seems like pure speculation. That is, until you remember we’ve been on a track called the Transbay Joint Powers Authority since 1999. Since then, it hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s not running a passenger train now. And it’s not even being built. So it’s probably best to leave the possibility open for speculation.

That’s exactly what we did with this story. We’re now convinced the Transbay Joint Powers Authority, which is tasked with the planning and construction of the new rail line’s first segment (the 730-mile segment from San Jose to San Francisco), is probably not “in the tank” for the project. We’re not even sure it’s even in the planning stages.

But it’s hard not to conclude in this age of public-works funding cuts and high-speed rail fatigue that the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (taken as one), and its Board of Directors, has not had the same kind of luck as Amtrak or the Federal Railroad Administration that other federal agencies have. Even the Federal Transit Administration, which is expected to get a big chunk of the money for any high-speed rail link in the USA, is struggling to get its money allocated for a segment from Boston to Las Vegas.

Here are five reasons why the Trans

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