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It’s the ability to think through the consequences of actions. It’s the capacity to understand how things will and won’t turn out. It’s the ability to make decisions based on reason. It’s the ability to reason about things that can easily be disregarded.

And what does the word “reason” have to do with fantasy? What do you need to know about what reason is before you start reading?

First of all, there’s a lot about reason that’s not exactly well described in the books. Reason is a broad concept, and is subject to a lot of different definitions, sometimes very different. In a good way. If you’ve ever studied philosophy, you’ll be able to make some sense of how to think about good and bad reasons, and you’ll be able to identify a lot of the key concepts of science by studying what are known as the fundamental principles. And yet, as with many matters of art, the meaning of ‘good reasons’ varies widely.

So, with that in mind, I will focus on a few key categories of reasons to remember. The most important of which is reason in its most basic, essential, and most abstract sense. This is the reason why I wrote the book, why I can’t write a good fantasy without it, and why I make good use of certain tropes within it.

Reason in the sense of the thing you’re trying to understand

Let’s start with a simple idea: the thing you’re looking to understand. What is it you want to explain? What can you find out about it? Can you describe it? Can you prove it? Can you show it?

A common, but quite useful, way of thinking about this is to think about it, but without talking about it. If you’re not looking to know anything, then you don’t need to describe it; if you’re looking to understand, then you need to describe it. It’s that simple.


A. Know something about the thing the question is about

B. Know that the thing you’re investigating is important or important in some way

C. Have something, in some way, to explain your knowledge.


A/B/C/D. Know/see/describe

Note that A, B, and C are the things you want. You don’t need to know any of the things in D to know what those are, except perhaps for the thing you

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