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Dark magic is a type of magick, and like the word magick, is sometimes used to refer to the kind of rituals performed by magicks. Many dark magick rituals involve the following:

I really enjoy the idea of a team/personal style. You can have an individual style that you like and just enjoy playing against. You could play the way I like and have some style/playstyle in order to win. But, if you play with an individual or team style, it will be difficult.

For me personally, i like to play aggressive, with a team style with a strategy that works at the level of a level 4 player. I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 for about a month and I feel like my style is more active on the stage.

I was talking with Joon ‘Raynor’ Hsiao on the phone yesterday, and he mentioned that he was a Protoss player, but the current level of Korean Pro-gamers is so much worse than the level of a pro-gamer back when I was in school. The level of players nowadays are a lot worse than even now.

The problem is that people with individual skill are not in the best shape, and players who have team-skill and strategies work well together because, apart from the individual skill, you also have to balance everything.

And if you just sit at the computer and play games, the amount of work done will not be very efficient, and you’ll burn out the CPU. With a team, it is much easier to do so.
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So with the team, it is much easier. And with the individual, it is much easier. But you won’t be able to focus on games if you just have one person running around. I don’t say you should just have one person running around. Having a team and an individual is a lot easier.

I was in the process of trying to work with an individual that was much better on the stage. This team would be very easy to control. I would just have to watch their game and talk about strategies. At the moment, I think Raynor should be a team player.

Joon ‘Raynor’ Hsiao from Team ROOT, the player that is known for his macro and his aggressiveness. You can also see his personality in game as well:

You can see how much he enjoys taking risks and has always led the team to victories.

He can be a real pro gamer

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