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A hero? A villain? A monster? Or maybe the guy in that movie you just didn’t like? Is he an American? An Irish? What does being an American mean?

Let’s start with our hero. What defines our hero? A good person who goes out of his way to help people? A villain who takes people’s lives? In a movie like this one, we learn this. And even though I did not see it, it was the most violent and heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Who was that movie hero? The last line of the movie?

“Well, what is a hero?” You mean like, he saves somebody before they run into the road? Yeah. I think the only reason I didn’t watch it is if I could go back and do the first act differently, I would have taken out the big reveal in the middle, because you could see that it would have been terrible for them. So it’s not like I’m writing them into that.

But you mentioned that movie hero is a pretty great person that goes out of his way. Who would that be?

Well, I thought that I’d pick a guy in the middle, you know. The good guy. That’s the key to Batman. You say that Batman is a good guy, but he’s also kind of like a monster.

What makes a hero, other than being a decent person?

I can’t think off the top of my head. What’s in it? I’ll just say, it seems like it’s about people that have to work really hard. He’s got his dark, troubled side, which will be interesting.

It’s interesting that I never saw that movie for the first two acts, because it’s a pretty strong opening scene. Are you thinking about what happens in the sequel now? You’ve got two new parts.

Yeah, I’m still watching, but like when I first saw it in theaters, I was like, “I wonder what’s going to happen in the second act. What happens in the second act?” So I’m a little disappointed. But also excited because it’s a really interesting take on it.

How often do you watch the movies? Is there a schedule? Do you like to watch?

Yeah, I like to watch at least ten movies a year. It’s been pretty easy.

Do you have a favorite superhero?

Oh, really?

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