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A man who makes his own magic rings. And when he sees the Ring of Power on a man in a robe that’s already made, his next step is to make him do his bidding.”

“Well, then, perhaps the first thing to do is to let the real ring and the enchanted ring go free!”

And that, my friend, is what I have got to say about the matter.

Chapter Two

A Magician’s Mind

The man in the robe that I spoke of, when I told him about the Ring of Power, got his nose all worked up.

“Of course it’s my ring,” he said, “and I’m delighted to see it at last!”

“Well, it’s not my ring, of course!”

“Yes but it’s the ring of power,” he said, “and you are going to use it as if it were my ring.” Then he picked up himself the Ring of Power.

“It’s mine,” he said, “and I’m delighted to find it at last!”

“Of course it’s mine,” I said.

“I must have found it,” said the man, “for I’m quite glad to see it! I’m going to wear it so very proudly.” The Ring of Power was very small, so tiny that he could scarcely draw it out of the pocket of his robe. But that didn’t matter then. It was a magic ring; it was a magic ring; and he had a right to it.

“No one ever wore it so proudly before,” I said.

“I’m going to wear it so very proudly,” he said, “but you’ve got to give me the Ring of Power.” And he handed me back the Ring of Power, saying, “Thank you very much! This is your ring of power; it has a power for which I have no description. I’m not quite sure as to the name of the power.”

Then he took the Ring of Power home and kept it there, as he had in the little house of the witch with the great golden ring, and put it on his arm, in his pocket, when he came out of the castle. But it was a little gold ring, rather thin and round, which had a little hole in one end. On it he wrote in very small handwriting three letters in a circle—a circle that ended at the top.

“‘It is a

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