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Most people will assume that the cause of levitation is a weight of air pressing against a surface due to a lack of air pressure under the body. This is true, but doesn’t explain why people can climb tall vertical columns that aren’t very tall and the height they can climb is directly inverse to their body weight.

Levitating the body of a light weight person is a phenomenon called “gravity suspension”, whereby the body is suspended between two bodies through a gravitational attraction. If this attraction is strong enough, it may cause the body to rise into a lower position than would be possible due to atmospheric pressure. If enough force is applied to the upper body, a person with the same mass as the object that is being suspended from the air above will tend to rise higher than a person of the same weight and size.

If such a force is applied to the lower body of a heavier person, this force is multiplied by the gravitational factor, and the resulting weight is distributed with the same number of people, but their relative heights are shifted slightly. If one is hanging from the wall at an average height of 1 meter, the weight would be distributed as follows:

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People with 10% more body weight will tend to have their body weight shifted down, so that most of them would rise from the first floor

People with 50% more body weight will tend to have their body weight shifted upward, so that most of them would rise from the second floor.

People with 100% more body weight will tend to have their body weight shifted up, so that most of them would rise from the third floor and the ceiling.

If this is the cause of a levitation, then what is it doing? To understand this, let’s consider three people standing in some room. One person is hanging on an edge with his feet on the floor; the other two are on the ceiling. A vertical column hangs from the ceiling; however, it is a horizontal shaft, not a vertical one because there isn’t any air pressure to push up on the wall to keep the top of the column still. When both people are on the ceiling they each have the same weight, so both the column and the vertical shaft of air have the same horizontal height. However, if one were to hang from the ceiling, he would get farther from the ceiling than would the other two people. Therefore if there is any air pressure on the room between them, the column will rise and the floor will fall.

Therefore the reason why

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