What are physical illusions? – 20 Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do

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Physical illusions come from the mental images you are seeing with your eyes (your mental imagery). They are visual images you often create in your subconscious mind with the knowledge that you have not consciously imagined doing the actions you are doing.

Here are few more examples of physical illusions:

You are standing on the platform of a train and you get on this next one. You are walking towards the train, that is on a platform a long distance away, and you see a train coming very fast. Then you think – I am going to step on this train and fly like a bird. How to do that? In your mind you make the steps. Then if you look at the train ahead of you, you see that the track is completely different from before you. You know that you cannot step on a train because you have a small space between you and the train.

You are walking through a forest and get stuck in a deep tree stump. When you look at the tree stump, it seems so much smaller in front of you because there isn’t any branch of the tree you can step on to reach. How can that be true? How can I be doing that?

Visualization or visual illusions are visual images made through various methods (seeing, seeing objects, etc.) and while doing them. Some of those methods are the most effective ones but they are not the most efficient. There is no one right method of visualizing.

What are mental illusions?

Mental illusions are different from physical illusions.

Mental illusions are the mental creations you can make in your mind with no real knowledge and no intention to do them.

Here are some examples of mental illusions:

There is some water in a river. You think to yourself – I want to go and grab some water to drink. How to do that? You think to yourself – I will grab this large bag, and drag it and drop it here. Why did I think about that? I can do that without even thinking anymore. So why did I think about that?

You are standing in a park and you smell that old garden. You are standing in a garden that you have never seen before. You say to yourself – That old garden is very peaceful too.

You are walking to work on this day. You look at the ground and imagine – I can run up that tree. How can I do that? (There is a tree, a tree stump, and you can run up

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