Is telekinesis a real thing?

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I can see why some people would be wary of giving it too much attention, but I believe it is as real as breathing.” “So your theory is to think that my telekinesis powers are in fact the real deal, and that I am in effect telekinetically controlling water.” “Okay, I suppose that puts things in a bit of perspective. Since I never have much of a choice about how I use my powers, will they be in effect until I’m dead, or until I use someone else’s body for a spell? I would assume that they’d be limited to water, but the point remains that it’s not a pretty power indeed.” “Well, then, the next best thing to think about is whether or not I’m the reincarnation of a dead, deceased wizard. As it seems that I have, the answer to that question is a definite ‘Yes’.” ———————————————————————- CHAPTER 45 ———————————————————————- “But isn’t it possible that there is another explanation for what you’ve said, if I’m doing it correctly?” Diggory asked. “Probably not,” I admitted thoughtfully. “I would have expected any sane person capable of telekinesis would have noticed a large range of possible uses of their powers, and used them if appropriate. It’s a bit odd, then, that I’ve been able to create an effective barrier, not even using more conventional means, without being immediately detected.” “Why not?” “I’m a wizard in training; the most experienced of the last generation of students, with extensive training and the ability to do more than one thing at a time. It’s possible I’ve simply been unlucky in some way. I’ve never had anyone who recognized my powers, either in person or through my power at least until now. I’m sure there must be another explanation for what I’ve done. Perhaps the same magic that makes me so powerful also allows it to be hidden from view.” “Magic that makes him disappear?” Diggory asked curiously. “Not exactly. The fact of the matter is I have the ability to change anything, from size, density, color, shape to the physical world of the caster or the person who used it. It’s not a matter of changing a substance; no matter what a magic item is made of, there’s bound to be some method of hiding my influence behind it.” “Then what about invisible spells, like invisibility? Those can be used invisibly. That seems obvious enough if you’re not actually wearing the item,