Is Magic natural? – Easy Magic Tricks With Cards In Tamil

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Magic is naturally occurring. What happens when you expose people to magic? You get magic.

There is a reason people are scared to put magicians on television, you see.

It’s just another scam to sell you things and to keep you hooked to things you already have.

You have some amazing magicians out there that show what magic looks like. The rest of the time there are just people claiming to get it done.

How to get people to believe you?

Tell a cool story. You’re not telling your story but giving people what they need to believe your magic story. (I call this story what you can do with what’s already there.) That’s your magic story.

So, tell a cool story that makes them want to learn the secret.

Then you tell a story that gives them new confidence.

Then you do magic again but this time with the new confidence. And again you give them something new. And again you do magic.

You keep doing magic. Keep giving it. Keep getting new people to believe in what you do.

This is how you build relationships. It’s what you do.

So tell your story.

Make people feel something in any situation. If you feel like nothing happens, it’s because nothing’s happening. If you just feel like no action is happening, that’s because no action is happening.

The difference between the two is that no action is actually happening, while the feeling you go through is one of action. And it has a purpose. That is your magic.

I don’t know about you but when I see something like “magic just happens” it gives me great hope. Magic happens.

What makes magic actually happening is an action. I always tell people, “If you do what I’m doing, you do real magic.” But it’s different than magic just happening. The only way to really be a magician is to actually be doing the magic.

If you just believe this is what magic looks like then you are in the wrong business.

You’re like an asshole when you say things like “I just think it happens” because you have an ego for a reason. People do do magic for a reason, to give something else to people they already have — you and me.

Why does everyone get freaked out when magic looks the same every time?

For me I got freaked out because magic

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