Is levitation real or an illusion? – Cool Magic Tricks For Kids Youtube

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Is it possible for a rock, and later an avalanche, to become levitated?

How does an avalanche cause a wall to levitate?

How does a wall collapse to form a bridge?

What is a bridge made of?

How can a boulder become a bridge?

Why does a bridge have a top and bottom?

Why can a boulder become a bridge without a top and bottom?

What does a bridge have to do with a roof and windows?

Why can a boulder become a house?

How does a house become a porch?

How do house and roof become a wall?

What is a porch and roof made of?

Does a house have to be solid?

Does a roof have to be made of wood?

What kind of furniture can come from a house?

Can you build a pyramid? It looks like a pyramid. How do people get inside?

What do cars come from?

Can you build a boat? It looks like a boat. Do boats float?

Is a boat made of trees?

Does a tree have to be green to float?

Can I build a pyramid and float on the bottom?

Does a pyramid float on the wind?

Why was the Nile sunk?

If a building is made of stone, what does it weigh?

What is an iron ingot and why are some made of iron and others made of copper?

What is a metal, if it doesn’t weigh much?

What is a brick, if it doesn’t weigh too much?

Why are bricks made of clay?

Didn’t Jesus say the moon was made of green things?

Which animal can walk on the moon?

Is a bird the same as a bird?

Where is an octopus? Can you tie a bird in a harness or harness a cat?

Are the water animals born underwater?

Why is the earth round?

Why can an octopus swim?

What do you get when a bird eats a worm?

Why can trees grow in the dark?

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