Is levitation real or an illusion? – Card Magic Tricks For Kids That Don’t Destroy Your Cards Distance

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Answering these and other myths, we examine a phenomenon that is as old as man’s existence. The Myth of Levitation—The Science of Magic is a must-read for any serious student of science, and will inspire wonder and amazement.

“For science can now make many discoveries which had been believed as facts by the first ages of civilization, and in which the most ancient, and even the most celebrated, of religions had, as a matter of course, a great deal to say…”

—M. T. Taylor, The Magic of Euclid, New York, 1895

“As we begin to consider the mysteries of the universe with some degree of science and accuracy, the very name ‘magic’ implies a different attitude towards it than does the word alchemy, with which we are generally all familiar.”[3]

—Theodore H. Taylor, The Magic of Euclid, New York, 1895
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“To be a philosopher is the highest ambition an individual can enjoy, and when it is attained, the power and glory which the philosopher has attained will be his happiness, but every other man’s.”

—M. T. Taylor, The Magic of Euclid, New York, 1895

“We have seen that in some mysterious way the invisible world is connected with the visible world; now to prove this we must examine its material form and phenomena, and we shall find in this that it is composed entirely of invisible things, invisible atoms—the elements, and also the forces which constitute them.”

—M. T. Taylor, The Secret of Magic, New York, 1900

“Magic is perhaps the most misunderstood science in the world. People say, ‘What can be known about a thing without knowing it?’ The reply is always no; no knowledge can be had of things which lie beyond our comprehension. It may be that no matter how much knowledge becomes known, we can never be able to understand it. And yet, I think, we can say, as the ancients used to say, that one can learn the laws of nature without being able to grasp ‘one’s own knowledge.’ No matter by what name we call it, in short, what kind of things it does or does not do, it is a law which, from all appearances, cannot be explained with any precision.”[4]

—M. T. Taylor, The Secret of Magic, New York, 1900.

“There is something profoundly occult in the practice of

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