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According to the Bible, the Levitical Priestly class and high priests were actually angels (JERUSALEM SORROW, Vol. 3, page 36, July, 1978). The Hebrew word הָאָרֱ כּרוֹא, which means ‘wing’ in the case of a bird, refers to the Levites.

How might an angel be “resummoned” ( Leviticus 10:28 ) if it’s a Levite and not an angel?

Leviticus 10:28 says, Levites who have gone to the dead are not allowed to speak to God in his presence; but there is no prohibition of any kind in Leviticus 11:4 . The reason is, of course, that the Levites are the resurrected ones and God is already there; the resurrected being would be unable to speak to the Levite for long period of time anyway (Deuteronomy 32:38-40). This interpretation is also made by the Bible of Moses as well. Note:

While it’s true that Leviticus 10:28 only says that Levites cannot speak, we should remember that this verse makes it clear that the resurrected person can speak, even if it’s a Levite, and it also states what can be said about it. Therefore if we’re just looking for an angel’s word, we can say that if it is not an angel, its words would not match up to the word of God, otherwise, God could easily return the Levite back to life.

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