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The question is, of course, what is “old”?

From the early days of Magic, every set had its own flavor, history, set mechanic, and game mechanic. With the expansion of Born of the Gods and Gatecrash, the set mechanics were all new, and many of the set mechanics had multiple cards of each type in the set. This meant that each Magic set was unique and never quite the same from set to set.

As an example, the set Mechanics was only printed twice: Once in Kaladesh was Legends, once was M14 in Innistrad.

The reason a new set is “old” is that the design team (creative and development) were able to make design rules changes to all of the cards within that set in a controlled way. In the case of M14, that meant using a set of cards to determine the mechanics and abilities.

The reason it takes the form of a set of cards is because this allows the set designers the opportunity to playtest and playtest with every card in the set. To prevent a set from suffering the same problems as set-one, a set of cards is released at a relatively early time. This allows the designers to playtest early and early and find out how well they understand the set to be.

How Long Does a Magic Set Stay in the Game?

Magic sets are designed to exist in a playable state that lasts from design to the final printing of the set. Magic: the Gathering is one of the oldest card games of all time. At its first set, there were three decks that were released with the game. Three decks. In that time, the game has undergone such fundamental changes throughout its design that it’s very hard to even begin to imagine what the game might have looked like.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Magic Set?

There are three stages to the design process for Magic: The Gathering. The first is the design rules process, in which we discuss the goals we want the sets to accomplish. The second is the design iteration process, in which we discuss possible designs and their current state before making the final decisions on what will be in the set. The final phase of the design process is the development process, which involves making sure the cards have all their rules in place for publication in the set.

We’ll talk a little more about each of these stages below.

1. Design Rules Process

Every Magic set’s designers

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