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To be completely honest, I’ll only make a few bold claims. Firstly, I believe that the number of decks in a Magic game is relatively constant. The only major change to the game comes when a card becomes banned or restricted. The other big thing I’ll make is that Magic cards are not a fixed collection. Sure, there is a big cardpool that Wizards of the Coast makes available to make room for the next set, and the game can be expanded on the cards available during the next release. I have made this assumption because I believe that Magic is an excellent game to learn. There is a sense in which Magic has a built in learning curve, and is not the type of game you can just pick up and do forever, like football or basketball.

This is not the case though. The best way to learn Magic is to play the first few times you get into the game, and then continue to play at least once every other week or two and expand your knowledge of how the game works. I see this as the best way to grow as a Magic player. For the most part, your deck is constructed to win you that game in the current set, and the card pool for the next set has changed over time. In the last six months it is very likely that you will be running the same decks in the same situations. Playing a number of times against a specific deck, and trying to determine how effective your deck and card selection is in the current version, becomes a lot more fun for me. I also like to be very aware of what card the game gives you at a given time. Is this the best card I can play in the current meta? Can I play this card in a specific deck or deck theme? Is this card really strong in the current meta?
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These are things you never want to forget, and will always have the game in a very competitive mode. There are a number of decks that have been played at a pro level for a long time, and can be refined based on how the game is constructed. While I don’t think this model is the best for casual play and newer players, I will be surprised if this model ever becomes prevalent in the game.

The second thing I am proud of is the amount of work that is put into creating the game. With a $2.5 million budget you don’t find everything. The game has been tweaked and optimized multiple times, new cards added, and even the game’s name evolved. There are plenty of

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