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How much does Magic have to be played to qualify for a “World Championship”—which is really just a way for people to make money? Wizards of the Coast and the Pro Tour are only required to release product in the US and other countries. (In the past, they’ve occasionally released things overseas; in 2002, they did it again with a version of The Dark Ritual to coincide with World Championship Series).

If a tournament requires someone to play 20 matches, then it’s actually a lot. In an ideal world, the number of matches is enough to determine the top 8 spots. But, to keep the games interesting, they have had to restrict playing to 50% of the match time. After that, the remaining 50% could be played out to a finish on the same team, or alternatively, it could be used to shuffle (or “scry”) the deck.

Here’s a breakdown of the current Pro Tour format (as of this writing—August 13, 2012):

Total Number of Games: 484. The top 32 are determined by an all-hands draw (instead of the normal blind draw format). However, there’s a new tournament called Grand Prix Charlotte happening this past weekend that has a tiered tournament structure based around top cut finishes. We can see a handful of other recent developments in the Magic scene.

The Wizards of the Coast Pro Tour was originally scheduled for August 16, 2011, but it’s now in its 25th year of existence. The Pro Tour is a four day event. As of this writing, it has a $50,000 prize pool.

I have this weird fascination with the number eight. I’ve always wondered why and how some are so quick to dismiss the magical number eight as meaningless, or simply unimportant, or just a number for kids to play with. For instance, you can’t simply say “Four is a very happy number” or “Two is less than eight”, as if to imply they make no sense. If you’re going to talk about happiness, why not talk about happiness on a scale of one to eight; how do you even measure “happy”? But, of course, that’s just the start; let’s move on to how the number eight is used.

I don’t just want to talk about eight, I want to give you some basic numbers I love and that you should know as well if you want to be a good Christian. I hope you will use them too. So, here we go

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