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How does MTG close up?

MtgCloseUp is not a program that runs on any computer or machine. It’s a stand-alone application that you can upload, share and download. Unlike most file types, it doesn’t have an operating system, a web interface or a database.

A typical file type with an MTG-filesystem extension is .mtx (from, which is what MTG uses. If you want to host it on GitHub and not allow anyone to edit it, set the extension to a .mx extension before you post it.

What’s in it for the user?

With MTGCloseUp, you don’t have to download any software. It’s a stand-alone program that can upload files and keep track of the content. It works with most online software and can run even if you don’t have your internet connection or are out of power.

You don’t have to pay for the service, either. You can just click “download” and you will get a web page that says “Download MTGFactory”. When you click that, you’ll be taken to a page that says “Upload to mtgfactory” in plaintext (no email required to access it). Click an empty text box and you will have a file with a .mtx extension. That’s it. You can then download that file and open it up in a text editor in your browser by clicking the Open in Text icon.

You can then share a file that you have uploaded to the FTP server with other people. There’s no software or configuration on the part of the uploader that says that you have to do anything special with it or share it with others. You just create a file, choose how you want to share it, save it to a file and let it upload! And the file is automatically transferred to them, via the FTP server, whenever you open your web browser.

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What’s included?

A simple command-line utility:

./mtgcloseup [-t ] [-r ] [-o ] [-y] [] [-e] [-s ] [] …

An installer that will copy MTGCloseUp to all MTGfactory

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