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Magic is not limited to the human body or human emotions. The world is filled with magical possibilities to create and manipulate magic. Magic is the ability to create anything that can be understood, including magical plants, magical materials, magical beings (including monsters), magical devices, and magical items. When magic is used it creates a magic effect that can affect anyone, regardless of their own physical state.

Why can I be in two places at once?

There are two important factors for a wizard to consider when using magic, and they both come down to one factor.

The first factor is the speed at which you’re able to use magic. When you use spells, the magic effect is instant. The second factor is a factor that you have to take into consideration. If you’re using a spell that requires a concentration check to use, you cannot cast spells from other locations simultaneously. Spell casting should be limited to one location.

To help you understand what they mean use the following example.

If you want to cast a spell, you must cast it into the air, the ground, at a point where the air and the ground are touching, and at a point where the ground and the air are touching. It does not matter whether something is touching or not, you can only cast a spell that takes place in a location that you have concentration in.

(Also see Concentration Checks for a more detailed explanation of focusing on a spell.)

For example, if you’ve got a spell that lasts for 24 hours and you have concentration in a location that requires concentration, you can cast the spell only once per day. You can’t cast it for another 24 hours until you’re concentration is refreshed and you concentrate in another location.

A Concentration Check (DC 4 Dexterity + Spell Level), a Concentration spell, and an hour of rest can be spent concentrating a spell.
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Why must I be focused on a spell as I cast it?

When casting a spell there is a chance that you will notice something happen. If you see something happen in the spell, or if you are aware of a thing happening while casting the spell, you must make a Concentration check (DC 8 Wisdom + spell level) or lose concentration.

If a concentration check results in a failure, you must make one saving throw (DC 8 Constitution + spell level) or be stunned for 1d4 + spell level rounds. If a concentration check results in a success, you receive no

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