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The short answer is: it’s complicated.
But in part, it’s really just a question of the “how”.
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What are we going to do to levitate something at a specific position?
Most people will tell you to levitate a few inches off the ground.
That’s not really how it turns out, although it does sound like a cool trick.
What we actually need is a combination of various techniques to get a “stable” or “durable” levitation.
Here are some reasons why:
1) The air is denser
Because the air is so hot that it does not flow.
If you are able to get a “stable” (durable) levitation for a short period of time, the friction between the air and your bones can increase.
2) The strength or elasticity of the material being lifted is limited, and therefore the time you can spend in the air, and how long you can hang yourself, also decreases.
How long? Well, the stronger the material is, the faster it does not fall. The more elastic you are though, the more you will be able to hold for a brief period of time. Which means, the harder the weight is to lift (that is, heavier the object being lifted); the less your time in the air, or how long you can hang yourself is the more time you can do.  Also, the more air you inhale, the less your muscles will need to work to keep your body in the air.
3) The weight of the air you are levitating will be in the air around the object being levitated: not just inside the object.
In other words: your entire body will be in tension as you are levitating it, and will act like a spring for the object as well.
This force is “wasted” by actually trying to levitate, and the higher the surface area of your body is, the less the force will be wasted.  It may sound very obvious, but it’s a very effective and effective way of understanding that it isn’t about “shaving” the tension off of the entire body, but rather simply decreasing how much of it is wasted.
4) Your body is constantly in tension and tension is something the person is constantly trying to “freeze”.
The thing is, the more tension there is, the stronger the muscle, tendon, or joint you are trying to free. The more tension there is, the

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