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Levitation has been around for centuries, and the first description seems to come from the writings of Egyptian and Greek mystics who used the form of magic known as the “divine wind” to levitate objects.

One of the earliest descriptions from ancient texts describes how these wizards made magic tools by levitating metal or crystal items. This was not the first time such magic had been used, but it did open up a whole new world of possibilities for those that wanted to harness air force technology and other methods and to create devices able to manipulate the air itself.

In time, a new form of magic was developed by combining elements of “vigorous” and “vibratory”, which can then be combined to create all kinds of magic tools of all kinds.

As early as the 13th century, the Magister Magi of the Holy Roman Empire established their own “Vigorous” magism and established a high class of “Vibratory” magic which is one of the oldest forms of magism in the world today.

Many other religions have also tried using such a form of magic, such as the Ancient Druids who created the Druids’ Circle, which can be used to levitate objects such as trees, stones and weapons.

You can see examples of Levitation Magic in the following video:

What is Levitation Magic?

This simple and yet very powerful form of magic is a combination of a series of steps that we can all learn. Let’s start by looking at a few basic elements that contribute to levitation.

First, you need air. Air is the most common thing in our world, however, it also has some amazing properties and it isn’t just for decoration. It makes all the things that we need easier to manipulate and control. For instance, wind doesn’t move and people can’t levitate! It’s what makes it so fun!

Second, it has to be stable. An object that is at rest can be easily disturbed.

Third, you need something that is stable, something that will not move. It must be able to hold itself in one place.

Fourth, it needs to be non-conducting. A solid object cannot move.

Finally, there is a big difference between light and moving objects and it does depend on the air around the object that can move and change. An object that is air tight is called solid and will not budge.

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