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Here’s his guide to training.

I’m not the only person who thinks that David Blaine would have a hard time lifting weights on his own at this degree:

The only thing that could make them easier is getting stronger… A lot more… I wouldn’t recommend getting stronger and getting your head blown off… You should be doing what you’re good at… You know what? Just do what you’re good at, and you’ll look like a fool.

I’ve always been the “lifter’s guy”. My coaches said that they thought I was “lazy”, and “just really stupid”. I think it’s because I’ve been around the block at least three times and have worked out for about 15,000 reps.

The best way to train strength is in the gym, not on a scale or on the Internet. Don’t expect people to believe in your bullshit when you tell them they can achieve whatever you have in your arsenal.

Some say the best way for someone to get stronger is to simply lift weights, or do some bodyweight exercises. This is what I think they mean.

People tell me that I want to be a bodybuilder. I say to them that I want to be an athlete, or an entrepreneur. Why the hell should a bodybuilder have to be on the strength or sports circuit? If a bodybuilder wants to have fun and train that hard when they’re in their 20’s, then give them a break, and let everyone else enjoy it.

Some people want to be big, strong (and fat), fast. Why? Who told them this?

When people ask me how to be “strong” or become “strong” it’s because they haven’t had an opportunity to train hard and get better… So they are basically saying that they never want to be strong.

Being healthy is part of being strong. Being healthy also means being active, but it’s better to be active than active only when you already have a lot for your body to carry to the next level, or you will just be so busy doing the things you are already good at that you forget how to be an athlete.

When I was younger, I was pretty fat. Even when I was on the road in England, I was always trying to gain weight and I never felt any better. I never wanted to lose any weight. I just wanted to be thinner. I saw this movie “The Biggest Loser” and it really

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