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If you don’t like the answer, then look up the definition of a blank page. There is no such thing as a conscious blank page. A blank page is a page that is in your mind, empty of thoughts, but not blank. In other words, you can think of a blank page whenever you wish, but it is never quite a blank page.

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You have to have something on your mind to make a conscious blank page. If you have no thoughts whatsoever, then any page in your mind could be an intentional blank. If you don’t have a thoughts, then the page you have in your mind could be not a conscious blank page, which is to say that the page could be something completely different than the page that’s actually there in your mind.

So, to put it simply, every page in your mind is made of two elements, an existing state of information in your mind and an unknown state of information in existence outside your mind. That unknown state is the blank page. The unknown state of information on a page is the information on the blank page that was created by what you are thinking on the page, something that you are consciously aware of, but it’s so far removed from your conscious world that there’s nothing that you can consciously grasp that you can understand it.

Now, if you were to find a blank page in your mind that you could find by using an appropriate mechanism like a pen or some other object — or even worse than that, some kind of chemical that could erase it out — could you do that? In other words, if you take a page and drop it into a sink of water, would you make it a blank page? Could you erase something like a blank page out of your memory, that you can’t remember?

The answer is: No.

Now, it seems as if the idea of a conscious blank page was a good one — just as it felt right to me — but it was not that simple. The notion of an intentional blank page is actually much more problematic than just a good idea; it is a bad idea. So, if you really, really want to get started thinking about the problem, try to recall, for example, some basic physics problems that you find particularly hard to solve (e.g., for some physicists the equation of motion is more difficult for them to solve than the equation of energy).

Now, you’ll need something to compare with the problem; to put it in short, you’re not going

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