How do you palm a coin? – Magic Tricks For Kids Steps

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Well, first of all you have to palm it slowly and carefully in a circular motion. You also have to keep the tip of your index finger bent in a circular motion. You see, this is a very good example of the ‘Lucky’ or ‘Doorway’ pattern.

As you have more and more coins in your hand, each time you have a chance to reach for it you will start to have a chance to grab and hold it. Once all of the coins are in your palm there are more and more possibilities of how you can palm it. You will not only be able to hold a wide variety of coins, but you have the option to throw them to others so that they can reach to yours.

Here is a very simple pattern that can be done with coins or not. Just remember to keep the tip of your thumb straight (or else this would be an awkward palm).

So if you take all of your coin collection, put it in one bag, put 5 coins, and 5 bags around you, you can hold the 6 coins as your palm. So you want to know how many coins you should have in your hands and what kind of fingers will help you.

You can use a knife, a piece of furniture or a piece of cardboard to find out. Here is one of our favorite methods.
How to BEND a COIN with FINGERS! Magic Trick! - YouTube

Or you can use your favorite coin.

(I have found that a coin can look a lot prettier. But it can also look a lot worse and not very smooth. You can put a bit of a penny or 2 in something like the photo)

I think that the best way for people to find their fingers on a coin is to watch a video about it. I’ve seen an amazing video that is quite helpful to learn how many coins you have around you.

Watch this video on how to find your fingers when you pick up your favorite coins.

When you put coins in the bag and start to shake them up and down you can tell how well your coins are packed together. So if you find that the coins are packed together well, make sure you put them away where the air is less.

That is how you can judge how many coins you have in your hand.

(See photo)

Now that you have a decent idea of how many coins you are holding, you should always keep some handy. One great way to do that is by taking a piece of paper and a coin and putting them

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