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The first stage is figuring out whether the trick is possible. For example, I’ve learned an old trick that involves a magician casting an illusion on the audience. Then they have to ask themselves, “Can I do this illusion?” The trick may be so hard to pull off that they may have to take an extra year to do it right. Also, there might be things they didn’t realize and there might be ways they could break the rules for it.

How can you make a show so compelling that you can use magic tricks to teach new tricks?

If the audience is invested, they will be willing to invest more. They will be willing to watch multiple times. And their willingness to pay money to see the show is usually not about whether it’s fun or not. It’s about the possibility that if you learn it right, you can learn it anywhere.

Why did you decide to take on this one?

You should go after something like a world record. Then you have to figure out how to do it. It’s tough and there are no guarantees, but you also don’t really know whether or not you will succeed. I know that I will succeed. So I’m going to try to get you to go and let me tell you, once you do, you will be totally blown away.

Are you going after this record of what can be done with a magic trick? Have you gone after some more traditional world records such as fastest time?

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Yes. I went back in time and I just won a world record in an event that was a combination of a stunt and a magic show. There were a number of world record attempts in the 1980s, but I beat them all. I won so many world records and I was able to go back and try other ones on the same day and I did them again.

You have made a few TV and film appearances. Do you have any favorite tricks or stories to share?

Yes, I do. I’ve been able to show me off some of the classic, modern, super-tough magic tricks, which have become popular over the years. I like when they’re done exactly how you want it done. It’s all about the magic you’ve chosen.

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