How do you do the world’s best magic trick? – 5 Easy Magic Tricks For Kids To Do At Home

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It’s a tough question. For one, it’s hard to find anyone who can do the tricks, and for another, most people don’t really have the tools to make them.

And for all the skill required to perform some very complex magic tricks, no one can make a living making them.

In this week’s episode of The Magic Podcast, we’ll take a deep dive into this incredibly complicated subject. We’ll explore the theory behind their unique techniques, how many tricks actually exist, how a simple illusion can be turned into a complex, multi-dimensional illusion, how a single trick can fool the mind of a master magician, how an audience learns to predict tricks, and much more.

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This is going to be a journey into what you’re really going to learn with the magic world. Join me as we explore this phenomenon that has changed the way magic is shown to the people for over a century.

We’ll also look at the psychology behind the trick and the psychology of how humans learn magic. I won’t be talking about that tonight, because this is a topic for another day — and I know more about it today than I did then.

I will address more of this at the end.

So let’s get to it.

What You Will Learn

In this episode of The Magic Podcast, we’ll cover:

The theory behind magic tricks

How people watch Magic shows

In the last episode, I talked about how magic is shown. For the rest of this series, I think it behooves both me and you to learn how magic is done, and how people who watch Magic also learn to do magic.

And that’s where it gets a little tricky…and actually, a little fun. In fact, I would go so far as to say that this is a type of magic show — I’ll take the word magic away from Magic altogether for a moment.

So in this episode of the Magic Podcast, we’re going to talk about the people who watch Magic, and the techniques they use to make it so.

But first, let’s take a look at an illusion that you might see every now and then, or something that you could create just by thinking about it…

Magic and the Brain

OK, back to the magic.

There are plenty of explanations of how magic is done. The idea is basically to show a picture to an audience. To do this, you have the

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