How do you do the quarter trick? – Simple Magic Tricks With Paper

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Do you keep the ball over the hoop?

Do you throw down shots with some hesitation?

Do you drop the ball and keep it in the air until it hits somebody?

Do you keep your feet moving or are you just standing in place?

These are the questions you must ask when trying to achieve the quarter trick. The problem is that quarter is one of those difficult shots to learn that you can’t afford to get wrong.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Have an opening.

When we get up on a high bounce or with a full court game, the biggest thing we have to remember is that you need to remember an opening because it is the key to doing the trick in the first place. The trick, being a quarter trick, is to get your quarter in the air and keep it out until the ball goes out of the court in order to catch any other ball.

Step 2: Have an opening.

What if there’s a wall behind you? Or, what if your back is to the basket or your defender is right up in your face? Those are the types of situation where the quarter trick will help you a tremendous amount.
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Step 3: Have an opening.

What if the ball isn’t in the air? How can you get it into the air? The trick’s greatest application is when you are up on the bounce and it’s not in the air. If you’re on top of the ball and you’re trying to catch it, it’s much easier and quicker to do it with the quarter trick.

Step 4: Have an opening.

The next most common mistake we make is not keeping our feet moving when we move or stop moving while we’re moving. This gives the ball too much space in between our feet. If you keep your feet moving too much, the ball will eventually stop going. If you keep them too slow or stop moving as you move, the ball will fly into your face. That is why we do so well with the trick if we have an opening.

Step 5: Have an opening.

The trick is to get your quarter at the perfect speed. For example, if the shot is going in the right direction, it doesn’t matter what your speed is. Just do whatever you can and you’ll catch the shot. The speed must be perfect. If you get too fast with a shot, it will hurt the shot.

Step 6: Have

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