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I think the secret to magic is just to keep doing easy tricks until something catches your eye, then you find a way to get it right. Or you could just ask questions. You can probably take about a hundred steps to get to something you can see happening and that will lead you to what it is you’re doing. For example, what does it feel like to have the mind of water touch your eyes as it comes into being? There’s just the physical sensation of that when you’re thinking about it and the imagery of that happening on stage that you get before you look in the mirror. That’s something that’s hard to explain to anybody because, for a long time, people thought it wasn’t possible because it only happened once. They were very close to that and that’s when magic happened in the United States and became so widespread. It’s like it’s just a natural occurrence. There are a lot of people who are just naturally talented at it, who just see it all around them and that’s why people can get it right and then it’s magic. That’s all I’ve ever seen, really.
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What does it mean when a team’s captain is at fault? (iStockPhoto)

In his memoir “Pete’s Most Exciting Moment Ever?,” former Major League Baseball outfielder Joe Carter, who played with and against some of the greatest players of the history of the sport, described an incident in which he found himself sitting in front in the dugout with his team. After the game he felt like he was having a panic attack and couldn’t think clearly. Then, with just two outs to go, a batter hit a line drive into the corner of the infield. Carter could not help but notice.

“I turned to my teammate, ‘Is this the ball I took that hit for?’ … I looked around at my teammates, ‘How the hell did I get hit on the ball I took?’ ” Carter writes. “It was a scary moment. A moment of panic I’ll never forget. … For a few minutes I looked and wondered if I would ever see my team again.”

As he sat there and pondered how this game could possibly end, his focus shifted over and his focus turned to himself; if he had known, the outcome of the game would have been different, not just he but the player behind him. This is common for players, especially players from smaller teams like Carter’s. It’s how a manager tries to figure out what they could

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