How do you do easy magic tricks? – Magic Tricks For Kids Age 10

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I’m curious whether you have ever made the same type of video on a video camera, so that it can be shared. And just because I’m a fan of the YouTube magic show is it something you do, too? You say you’re not a professional magician, so why don’t you use your magic as a marketing tool when doing your videos?

I’ve never done anything on camera. My first ever YouTube video was for a Christmas card I was working on. It was an old Christmas card I made for my brother which he didn’t quite get his hands on. I put it on YouTube and people liked it. It was really fun to make, with the magic being in the background so it’s a lot easier than just shooting video.
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As for the “easy magic tricks” part of your business, is there any special magic tricks you do that require a lot of preparation?

I have no specific tricks that require preparation.

That’s a rare thing for people in your position. I’ve only had one job where I used magic, which was in my previous job at my company – and that was to help with a video on a business trip during our vacation.

Now you’re doing a little bit of magic on the road?

Yeah, with my little magic trick show on the road and YouTube. I’ve done a couple of things, like one of my regular shows and a little show that was on the Magic Mornings. For example, on the Magic Mornings, I got into a conversation with myself. I can see a little bit of myself in the viewer but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that I have a really strong personality.

When will you expand your magic show to the internet so that you can do magic in any size, or are you a magician that does it only on TV?

At this point, I’m just making it so people see it on TV. I’m going to make a little show that has nothing to do with my day job. There’s a bit of me here in my business personality. I can make myself appear in a little bit of a funny way and also make something funny to people that may not get to see it the same way that they see it on TV, it just takes off.

Are you still a student of the medium you began your business in? Is that something you still do?

I don’t think about things that way – I think about things that are fun or

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