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It’s so simple! You just need three steps: 1) Take your hand off the mirror and look inside (if you can’t do this, look at your wrist). 2) Put a finger below the surface of the mirror and place your fingers in front of and behind the mirror. 3) Put your head in the mirror and, by moving your head, you will pull your fingers into the space between the mirror and the mirror’s surface. This is called the “inverted mirror” trick. If you watch it again you can now see that my head moves backwards (and I look at my hand). You can also try it with both your eyes and both hands. It works great. Try it out with your fingers. You will have to move your eyes slightly (but if you are careful, you will feel the difference). Have fun with this. What do you think?

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In 2015, the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel and Andrew Kaczynski conducted a survey to explore what Americans think about Donald Trump. The results showed a disturbing, nationwide disconnect on the issue of immigration policy — and also on a very specific number — “illegal aliens.”

According to the data, the country’s most extreme anti-immigrant advocates are mostly white, male (82 percent), religious (82 percent), and college graduates (81 percent).

These numbers align with other data that show that anti-immigration sentiment is strongest among the nation’s core blue-collar whites — more so than any other demographic.

To be fair, though, most of Trump voters also identify as white and male, not least because the nation’s white working class support Trump (by margins ranging from 20-25 points). The white working class is also far more likely than the poor (26 percent vs. 10 percent) and the poor and lower-middle class (9 percent vs. 7 percent) to have a college degree.

This data, however, also has some interesting insights. For example, the Post surveyed only the white population, and it found that Trump voters who supported his anti-immigration push are in line with the national demographics as defined by the Pew Research Center.

Trump’s anti-immigration push is also popular with the white, male, Christian core

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