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In short, mentallyists work by manipulating their thoughts. They do not control, guide or guide-initiate the decisions that influence the behaviors of their subjects. The mentalist has no idea which actions will result in an outcome he or she wishes. As a result of this, they do not know what behavior will result in a successful outcome in the next step of the experiment. The mentalist is only able to predict the outcome.

In psychology, mentalists are sometimes called “mindreaders.” Some scientists even use the term “predictive coding” to denote a mentalist’s role in “programming” (the mentalist assigns each subject to a different task so they are all doing the same thing under the same conditions).

These theories differ in some essential aspects, though generally the mentalist is not aware of which cognitive processes are occurring.

A few examples of what mentalists do:

They manipulate what’s in their heads. They can, for example, alter thoughts without conscious intervention or, as some mentalists say, by writing out thoughts into written books.

They can determine a subject’s intentions and thus predict, for example, whether or not the subject would like to engage in the behavior.

They can also modify, alter or make the behavior more or less likely.

They can alter the way the subject thinks about, or uses, ideas, emotions and experiences. They can, for example, cause the subject to forget information about the object that he/she is interested in.

Other important functions include controlling and changing a subject’s behavior.

Examples of mentalistic research (which sometimes goes as far as to involve torture and mind-control):

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