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The trick is actually quite simple, but what is so difficult about it depends on how you do it. Some magic and performance tricks are easier to pull off, or better at it due to having more visual cues to work with – so it’s a matter of getting good at it.

Take the classic magic trick: a trick where you move a rubber arm around to get a cup of food out of a glass, or make a bunch of faces to a pattern on a piece of paper. For each trick you practice, you become a better magician.

A great example is the ‘mock walk’ which is one of the most successful tricks in the history of magic. A fake walk is an efficient way to show off a magician’s skill – even if you can’t walk it.

How to perform a routine

The magic tricks I teach is a simple but powerful method for demonstrating your skills – a powerful way to demonstrate your skills.

I’ll guide you through a routine that consists of all you need to perform a magic trick on your partner. This will require you to practice with multiple partners so you learn how to communicate your ideas to each other without getting on each others nerves (this is a must if you are a beginner).

For the most advanced trick we’ll build a series that will demonstrate how to perform a multi-person routine that you can execute once or twice a week. In this way you’re learning how to learn an intricate and complex piece of magic.

Why is this valuable?

All of it takes to build a good routine is a desire to improve your skill. In order to train an advanced class of performers, it requires a commitment and dedication beyond what you’ll find at a typical club.

I guarantee that with the help of the techniques I will put forth in my videos there is no excuse not to take the training seriously and take it seriously.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the video sessions you will see in the future, click on the contact link.

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