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When we know what we’re looking at, and we don’t need it to make sense in our brain, the brain can operate according to “mental representations”, which are often quite simple and straightforward.

It seems that for example, when we look at a familiar black or white object (like a book or a picture) it works intuitively, but then our brain makes another mental representation based on what it can’t see.

But these mental representations aren’t always enough. They could be too simplistic or we could get them wrong. Then we don’t have a good idea of how to interpret them, or if they are even valid!

An illusion arises when we don’t yet have our “mental representation” of the object correctly aligned with our visual system and with our experience of that object.

When we fail to have a good relationship with our mental representation in the mind, we can get stuck and it becomes harder to see the connection between the mental representation and the actual object.

How do illusions work in art?

In some arts such as painting, a lot of times illusions are used to make visual and auditory connections, which are not necessarily clear right away, due to a lack of visual information.

This is called “visual acuity illusion”, and as we’ve seen, many people use this to their advantage, by making mental representations that make sense, for example using the idea of depth or color.

How to use illusions in fiction

Fiction works differently when it comes to illusions. A lot of writers are now trying to be more subtle by using illusion to enhance the emotional experience, rather than the logical information.

For example, the famous “twilight” series was written in a way that made sense, but it’s very subtle and often not obvious in our world. These authors were trying to make the audience feel that they believed that these characters existed and they should care and care about them. That’s why in a lot of books you find references to the characters of the series, but that they are only a bit related to them.

That’s not to say the authors of these books are trying to be vague. A lot of writers use the mental representations to make things more vivid and interesting to the audience, by using them to make sense of the scenes that follow.

That’s not to say that all illusion works in fiction. For example, when we’re faced with the idea of a difficult choice in a story, we

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