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What exactly does it mean for an object to be illusion, for instance? Is there some fundamental, objective, objective nature to this idea of illusion? Or is it merely an intellectual construct, invented by the brain to create its own internal, subjective experience of reality? And does it not seem rather more likely than not, that the basic question is: what is illusion? That the notion of this idea has been invented and is no longer valid or intelligible to anyone besides a very narrow, superficial and limited set who have never been exposed to any kind of reality outside their particular world, from a very young age?

The answer to these and other questions should be obvious to anyone who has taken a course in science that treats physics. To understand illusion is in itself a scientific procedure. Once you know how to look at your own mind, the mind of science, you can begin the search for the essence of reality, for our actual, objective reality. At that point, it becomes much easier to take a closer look at all the different theories and experiences that have ever been developed for the purpose of predicting what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. And once you are able to apply the same criteria to your own experience as to the predictions of any other set of researchers, then you can begin to grasp how much illusion there is about them all.

It is clear to anyone at any level of science, or any level of experience, who should care about reality’s workings, and who has not only been in the habit of asking these questions but has found the answers given, that the concepts of perception, or perception of reality as it has been developed over the years by psychologists and other researchers, have not been sufficient in themselves to explain the phenomenon we observe around us. This does not mean that they are either a complete failure, or that they are irrelevant to our reality and its workings, but it does mean that they are not reliable explanatory tools. What the concept of perception means, and what it really should mean is this: as an observer of reality I am looking at reality as it is and using my knowledge and experiences to understand what I observe. I have no access to an unseen realm, so I cannot tell you exactly what I observe, but what I notice is what happens to me as part of that experience. If I believe in a theory (or an experience, or thought, as the case may be) then I understand what experiences I observe will cause, but I do not know how to explain the

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