How did Blaine levitate? – How To Do Magic Tricks With Cards Easy To Draw

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This was the question that was plaguing the doctors. If only he could levitate, the doctors would know the correct answer to the question of why he had fallen from the window… but then, why had he fallen? Was his legs too weak… His heart was beating too fast… Or had something happened to him that even he did not anticipate?

The doctors were sure of one thing: they needed a good reason for him to have fell down the balcony from five stories up. But all they knew was, that was the only one that they had.

But even after all that, he had levitated. And, he had done it on purpose…

A man like Blaine, with a single minded purpose for doing whatever it took to survive?

There were still questions to be answered. But now they had a clear understanding of what happened on the balcony.

“So…” Blaine said to the doctors as he sat on his bed. “Why are you all so mad? We all know why Blaine levitated and we have to put an end to this madness before the doctors turn away.”

He was in his room at home with his friends and wife.

In that moment, they remembered how their parents died, and how Blaine fell from the balcony so casually. They were in the same room, but not close enough to touch one another’s hands. It was as if time had stopped for them and they were just stuck in present day. All around them, the house was the same as it had been for all of the lives to come. Everything was as it had been, and nothing changed… At the same time, they were stuck in a dream where they had their parents and their father was alive… And his son had fallen… And… The man had fallen…

They all felt his presence. That it could be anything. There was nothing wrong with them anymore as they still were human beings and they were alive, but they felt… They couldn’t remember… It was as if they were unable to remember themselves anymore.

And so they waited. They waited patiently as their eyes became wide and they felt everything the doctor had explained to them so well. They waited for someone to come and explain this… They were just going to be left alone… Until some random man walked in and started talking.

“I am glad to see you, your kind is really welcome here.”

“That’s wonderful! I was wondering, is

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